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The Wenatchee Valley Sports Foundation is recognized as a leader in making the region a healthy, vital place and in ensuring every child has an opportunity to play sports. We accomplish that through our scholarship program, our advocacy, our events, and by providing financial services to other sports and recreational organizations.

The need is great. Local governments have found it increasingly difficult to fund sports activities and facilities. At the same time, demand is rising rapidly. The Sports Foundation is the conduit through which businesses and residents can help fill the void.
Our Mission
The purpose of the Wenatchee Valley Sports Foundation is to provide funding — by mobilizing public support and financial resources — to improve and expand sports and athletic facilities for Wenatchee Valley parks, trails, facilities and recreation programs.

Board of Directors
We are governed by a respected board of community leaders. As such, we have an excellent working knowledge of community needs.

President: Bob Siderius 

Vice president: Anthony McCarty

Secretary: Greg Jones

Treasurer: Matt Kearny

Greg Franz

Caryl Morrell

Pat O'Hara

Richard Riggs

Francisco “Frank” Cuevas

Sally Brawley

Sarah Urdahl

In 2008, the Wenatchee Valley Sports Foundation was started to serve as a conduit for grants, scholarships and fundraising that would increase sporting opportunities for all in the region.

Prior to that, the Wenatchee Valley Sports Council oversaw those duties. But a change in tax laws meant the community would be better served if the Sports Foundation was formed.

Today, the Sports Council focuses strictly on marketing and promotion.
The people of the Wenatchee Valley recognize parks, trails and recreation facilities are vital for community health, economic development, and connectivity, and demonstrate a strong park stewardship ethic.
  • Parks provide access to outdoor recreation opportunities; support healthy lifestyles; and sustain clean water, land, and natural habitat, which in turn attract businesses and visitors, and increase prosperity for a healthy economy.
  • Parks and trails connect neighborhoods, offer connection to the natural environment, and connect the community to each other through place, special events, cultural festivities, recreation and fun.
  • Wenatchee Valley residents recognize the importance of parks, recreation facilities, and trails in their lives and to their community, and they take responsibility for our community assets with investments of time, individual and corporate contributions, and tax dollars.
  • Wenatchee Valley residents benefit from a healthy parks and trails system and recreation opportunities available to all, regardless of where they live, income, ethnicity, or special needs.
Improve What We Have
The Wenatchee Valley Sports Foundation is focusing its first five years of operation on raising public awareness and rehabilitating existing parks, athletic and recreation facilities, and trails.
Connectivity: Increase Public and Private Business Awareness
The Wenatchee Valley Sports Foundation seeks to engage community and build community, public and private business relationships through opportunities such as challenge grants, volunteer activities, public awareness, and investment opportunities.
Philanthropy – The Wenatchee Valley Sports Foundation generously invests in Wenatchee Valley parks, athletic and recreation facilities, trails and recreation programs.
Education & Promotion -- The Wenatchee Valley Sports Foundation is well informed about the importance of parks, athletic and recreation facilities, trails & recreation activities, and knows about opportunities for investment.
Financial Support -- The Wenatchee Valley Sports Foundation improves our system of parks, trails & recreation programs, and ensures the long-term operations and maintenance of the facilities.
Organizational Capacity -- The Wenatchee Valley Sports Foundation has the capacity to sustain its operations.

Contact Us
Wenatchee Valley Sports Foundation
5 S. Wenatchee Ave. Suite 100
Wenatchee, Wa. 98801
(509) 663-3723

Wenatchee Valley Sports Foundation | 5 S. Wenatchee Ave. Ste.100 | Wenatchee, WA 98801 | (509)663-3723